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Different Types Of Commercial Heaters For the Winter Season

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Different Types Of Commercial Heaters For the Winter Season

Heaters are necessary for all cities that regularly experience a temperature below 15°C. Sometimes, using thick coverings are not enough to protect people from frostbites and skin problems. To be a responsible business owner, you have to invest in commercial heaters to warm your employees during the winter. Read on to find out what kind of heater best fits your office space:

Gas heaters

Gas heaters are typically used in residential houses, but small offices can also use them. Natural gas, propane, butane, or liquefied petroleum gas powers these machines. Earlier models used to need coal or oil for them to function. Even though installing them is easy, they still need to be regularly maintained by a heating specialist to ensure that they are safe for use.

Unlike electric heaters, most gas heaters are often permanently installed in an area of the room. There are a few that are portable, but they can only heat up to 100 sqm. Portable gas heaters are also cheaper, but they offer less ventilation.

Another unique characteristic of gas heaters is that they can be used outdoors. As such, you can install them on the patio of your office if you have one.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters are one of the most widely-used kinds of machines for providing people reprieve from cold weather. Due to innovations in technology, many forms of electric heaters are available in the market.

One is the reverse cycle air conditioning. It is dual-purpose equipment that gives both heat and cool air. Buying this for your office would be a good choice if you do not want to allot another space for air conditioning.

Another kind of heater is a fan-driven heater, which functions by allowing an electric current run through a heating coil. It also draws in air from the environment, which once again gets released as heat energy.

Even if this equipment is cheaper than most, using this might cause allergies, sore throat, and dry eyes because dust also circulates in the area as air is exchanged between the environment and the machine. A fan-driven heater is only advisable if your space is only around 100-300 sqm.

Radiant heaters

For large commercial spaces, the use of radiant heaters is more preferred. What differentiates this from most commercial heaters is that it does not use radiators. It derives heat from warm areas like ceiling, floor, or wall. Then, it transfers warmth to the objects or people in the room instead of heating the air.

These kinds of equipment often come in the form of ceiling heaters or cabinets heaters. There are also radiant heaters that can be installed on the floor. To ensure energy-efficiency, it is best to install them in a room where the floor and ceiling space is minimal, even if the area is large. Because of their powerful machine, the wattage of these apparatuses is typically between 1,000 to 4,000. Therefore, expect a high electricity bill if you are using this in your commercial space.

Commercial heaters have evolved through the ages. Like buying air conditioners, the amount of space you have is the primary determinant of the kind heater you will invest in. If you only have a small office space, then gas heaters are enough to warm up the area. On the other hand, regularly-sized offices would benefit much from electric heaters. Finally, spacious areas are best served by radiant heaters.

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