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Automobile Accident: Injuries and Medical Treatment

Automobile accident on a residential street

Automobile Accident: Injuries and Medical Treatment Staff
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Unfortunately, if you have suffered from any injuries following a car accident, we recommend you book a medical appointment immediately. While everything may seem intimidating, do not panic. A car accident is certainly one of the most traumatic and exhausting experiences you can ever go through.

You will be required to deal with financial, physical, and emotional damages, and resolving all these problems can be both challenging and time-taking. According to the industry professionals associated with a certain law firm, apart from the medical emergencies you may also have to deal with the high cost of property damage and sky-high medical expenses. In that case, your best response towards it should be to file an in insurance claim to receive fair compensation for your losses.

What to Do After Car Accident

After an automobile accident, you are more likely to be in a state of shock. Calm down yourself and think wise. Do not let the anxiety and confusion overpower you. Here’s what you should do.

  • Consider your health as the topmost priority. Self-evaluate your health to find out whether you are experiencing any pain or are you bleeding. It can be difficult to identify any minor or soft tissue injuries because of the adrenaline rush in the body. However, carefully notice the obvious signs such as bruises, deep cuts, broken bones, etc.
  • If you can move out of the vehicle after the accident, make sure not to touch anything and stay aside.
  • Contact the police and insurance agency.
  • Whether you are experiencing any pain or not, visit a doctor for a detailed physical examination and treatment.

While seeking medical care and treatment is important for your health, it can further assist you for insurance purposes. Any delay in medical treatment may indicate that your injuries are not serious otherwise you should have visited the doctor immediately.

Medical Treatment

It is important to visit the Marietta car accident clinic as soon as possible. Since they are specialized in treating these injuries that means you are in good hands and your health is being taken care of in the best possible way. Make sure to get your injuries treated immediately to prevent them from getting worse. Here are some of the common conditions you may suffer from:


Whether the speed of your car is slow or fast during the collision, the body moves in an unnatural way affecting the normal functionality. Considering the abrupt movement, your muscles are more likely to become strained or damaged. Whiplash does not include any broken bones or evident injuries, but there can be ripping in the tissues and ligaments that can result in severe pain. Some of the common whiplash symptoms include neck firmness and pain, restricted range of movement in the neck, migraine or headaches, concentration or sleep issues, and more.

The whiplash pain can sustain in the long run if not treated on time and can spread to other regions of the body as well. It is no surprise that whiplash is a complex condition and is frequently associated with shoulder and neck pain. People who receive whiplash care in Marietta have shown to have an improvement in the long term. We recommend you visit a chiropractor who can provide you with a personalized treatment plan including mild and targeted spinal realignment and manipulation to comfort the affected areas.

Vertebral Fractures

Many people experience vertebrae fractures after the accident which results in bone fragments disseminating in an unexpected manner. Even if you have a minor fracture, it can still be a cause of major health problems. These fractures can result in reduced blood flow to the spine with the increased bone pressure. It can restrict mobility and quality of life can be compromised.

Herniated Disc

Your spine has many vertebrae – if one of the vertebrae gets out of place, it can cause serious harm and pain. Many people are lucky enough to get the vertebrae repositioned quickly without experiencing any major pain. On the contrary, some people can have extreme pain due to loosened disc pressurizing nerves in the surrounding regions. While the condition mostly occurs in the lower spine, it can still cause pain in the neck.

Hidden Injuries

You are more likely to feel pain or discomfort after the accident. However, this may not always be the case. In case you don’t feel any pain, it’s a great idea to undergo a physical examination and get medical treatment quickly. When you are in a traumatic accident situation, your body will automatically react to the stress by releasing certain emergency hormones – the hormones can make you feel normal, reduce pain and cover up the injuries for a time being. These hormones will get back to normal after a few hours. At times, it can take longer. For instance, a minor wound can turn into a severe problem. Therefore, it’s important to get these injuries diagnosed on time. It can take a few weeks or even months for these injuries to appear.

Long Term Pain

Many people probably suffer from ongoing neck pain, back pain along with other chronic conditions after the accident. The three important body regions includes neck, lower and upper back – damage to any of these areas can have many consequences from minor pain to chronic conditions. Every region comes with its unique injuries and therefore certain effective treatments are required.

The best part of chiropractic treatment is the natural manipulation approach to treat the underlying problem. A chiropractor will get to the root cause of the problem and precisely identify the best treatment option available. These therapy sessions realign the spine and carry out manipulations to restore the range of mobility and normal functionality of the body. Moreover, they will recommend certain exercises focused on improving strength and prevent pain.

Pain Management Treatment

When you visit a Marietta pain clinic, you will be provided with the treatment options available. The specialized medical professionals will evaluate both evident and underlying injuries thoroughly and perform medical treatment accordingly. They will come up with a customized treatment plan to address the unique needs. Here are some of the common examples of pain management.

  • Physical therapy sessions focused on improving strength, flexibility and treating pain.
  • Medicines to relieve pain. Though if you are seeking chiropractic care, you will not be prescribed any medication.
  • Spinal injections for effective pain management and relief.
  • Massage therapy to reduce the underlying pain while improving blood circulation.
  • Physical support such as back or neck braces to speed up the recovery process.
  • Lifestyle modification and exercise to improve the treatment.

Wrapping Up

Although vehicles are designed to protect you from any injury, the impact of force involved in a car collision can be more or less destructive. Even if you feel there is no injury, you should still get yourself checked to have peace of mind. On the other hand, seek prompt medical care and treatment to treat any injuries present.

At the same time, it will help you to file a lawsuit and get fair financial compensation. In a car accident, there are many things involves – pain and suffering, injuries, medical bills, property damage, rehabilitation, and more. Therefore, it’s important to calm your mind and take care of your health as the foremost priority. Once your health is being recovered in an effective manner, you can easily manage other problems particularly the financial ones side by side.

Please note: This post does not constitute medical advice. Please consult with a medical professional before undergoing any treatments or procedures
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