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Vanessa Davis is 32 years old, lives in New York and is currently a full-time content writer at Her areas of expertise are fitness, nutrition and leading a healthy lifestyle, and in her free time she enjoys yoga, skiing and mountain climbing.
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5 Ways To Keep A Healthy Lifestyle Despite A Busy Schedule

September 27, 2017 By Vanessa Davis

It's all too easy to use being busy as an excuse for not being as healthy as we could be - whether that's not exercising as much as we should, or snacking throughout the day in lieu of a decent meal. In this post, Vanessa Davis of Diet St. looks at 5 simple ways you can combine your busy lifestyle with a healthy one.…more »

Well Being

Balancing Act of Being One with Mind, Body and Soul

May 10, 2017 By Vanessa Davis

It's important to take time out of our busy lives when we can to mentally and physically recharge. In this article Vanessa Davis looks at why it's important to balance our mind, body and soul and offers some simple tips on how to achieve this balance…more »

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