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Ryan Engstrom is a writer based in Nashville, TN who specializes in home renovation, repair and home staging topics. When he isn't puttering around his yard or blogging, you can find him re-organizing his flannels or playing chess.

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Top 4 Plants To Spruce Up Your Office

November 1, 2019 By Ryan Engstrom

Did you know that the presence of plants can increase your productivity? A 2010 study showed significant reductions in reported anxiety, fatigue, hostility and other negative emotions all too familiar during the workweek. Another study indicated that one houseplant per meter of space was enough to boost productivity by an average of 15% while improving memory retention and test scores. And even if you don’t believe in their stress-reducing and productivity-boosting benefits, there is no debating their beauty when placed around the office. Here are four that make great choices and aren’t too difficult to maintain.…more »

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