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Rachel Smith is a communication executive who works with the content marketing team at Affable, an influencer marketing company that provides AI-driven solutions that allows you to plan and execute your influencer campaigns strategically. She develops content around social media and marketing topics that can help her readers understand how to pick the right influencers, measure their impact, and run effective influencer campaigns. In her free time, she loves meeting new people and attending workshops on communication and psychology.
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Top 5 Things To Keep In Mind When Searching For The Best Influencer In Your Niche

February 16, 2022 By Rachel Smith

Influencer marketing is now the most sought after form of online marketing. It is a great way to increase your brand awareness and get your products in the limelight in front of your target audience. But, finding an influencer who echoes your brand values and is well-suited to your niche can be difficult. Before banking all your online marketing efforts on an influencer, it is essential to understand how influencers work.…more »

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