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Pia is a content marketing manager of Maybelline, a global cosmetic brand offering innovative, affordable, and effortless cosmetics for every woman. With years of experience, she manages Maybelline’s marketing content from creation down to its production. For Pia, being able to create content that helps empower women is a dream come true. She likes to spend her free time reading books, visiting art galleries, and watching feel-good movies
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Remote Work In Style: How To Look Your Best For Virtual Meetings

October 6, 2021 By Pia

Just because you’re out of the office and attending meetings via Zoom, Skype, or Slack at the comfort of your home, that doesn’t mean you should settle for your favorite pajamas and fuzzy slippers. Since video conferencing is here to stay, you’ll want to dress professionally and always look your best while on camera.…more »

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