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Mostafa is a seasoned growth strategist with over nine years of experience in growing SaaS and eCommerce startups. He has worked as a growth team leader at VC-backed startups and consulted with Fortune 500 clients including American Express, P&G, and Ford. Mostafa has also written for Wired and SmartBrief and is a regular tech contributor for the BBC. He currently heads growth at Somn, a sleep community, and eCommerce startup.
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Well Being

7 Easy Tips To Create A Sleep-Friendly Bedroom Environment

March 19, 2019 By Mostafa ElBermawy

Do you struggle to get to sleep at night? It might not be your mental clutter - it could quite easily be the clutter in your bedroom. In this article Mostafa ElBermawy looks at why your bedroom might be the reason you're not getting a decent nights sleep.…more »

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