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Mikkel is passionate about customer experience in every color of the beautiful customer engagement spectrum. He loves building great connections with his customers, which often lead to meaningful friendships that last a lifetime and inspire his work. Driven by the genuine belief that CX is the pivotal force that drives a successful business, he is currently at the helm of Dixa’s customer experience strategy.
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9 Ways To Promote Your Woocommerce Store

August 4, 2021 By Mikkel Andreassen

You’ve probably already heard your colleague or a friend brag about launching an e-commerce store of their own. Or, perhaps you’re that colleague who runs his own store as a side gig. In either case, the concept isn’t new and it’s here to stay. The popularity of this phenomenon isn’t surprising - e-retail revenues are, in fact, projected to reach 5.4 trillion US dollars in the next year. With many more people preferring online shopping over the in-store one, it just makes sense for everyone and their dog to test the waters while they’re still somewhat fresh.…more »

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