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Lydia Colman is a stylist with a refined approach to interior design and fashion. Her goal is to achieve the highest level of achievement in creating unforgettable, highly defined interiors that deeply represent the client's personal background, whether it's selecting decors or accessorizing a bed.

House & Home

Vintage Bedroom Ideas

April 27, 2022 By Lydia Colman

To create antique bedrooms that are snug, comfortable, and beautifully collected, look to patterns, patinas, and objects from previous eras. Vintage design is pleasantly old-fashioned, warmly inviting, and occasionally joyously happy. When decorating a vintage bedroom, it's necessary to exercise discipline in the face of decades of alternatives.…more »

House & Home

How To Make Your Backyard More Private

November 15, 2021 By Lydia Colman

There was a time when you could relax in complete isolation in your own backyard. Then the next-door family cut down some trees on their property. The neighbors' new master bedroom, on the other hand, offers a second-story porch with wonderful views—into your yard. You suddenly feel as if you're in a fishbowl.…more »

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