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Lauren Summers is the Content Marketing Strategist for Miller, Miller & Canby, one of the most respected law firms in Montgomery County, and the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The firm focuses on five core areas of practice: Land Development, Real Estate, Litigation, Business and Tax, and Trusts and Estates Law. In her spare time, she reads books and plays board games with her husband and two kids.
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Why You Should Do Estate Planning

January 20, 2021 By Lauren Summers

By creating a will, you will be able to appoint someone you completely trust as executor of your estate. Upon your demise, your executor will be legally responsible for the distribution of your assets to beneficiaries as named in your will, paying your remaining financial obligations, and appear in court on behalf of your estate.…more »

House & Home


5 Useful Tips For The First-Time Homebuyer

December 9, 2020 By Lauren Summers

A house is probably the single, most expensive thing most people could ever acquire. Understandably, buying a home comes with its rather sizeable share of stress. Many people consider buying a home the most stressful event they have ever gone through in their lives. If you’re thinking about buying your very first home, here are some tips that will help you navigate (and survive) the entire home buying process.…more »

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