Flipping Heck! Learning To Be Productive One Day At A Time

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Kayla Matthews is a lifestyle and productivity writer whose work has been featured on Lifehacker, The Next Web, MakeUseOf and You can read more posts from Kayla here
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3 Better Ways To Schedule Your Workday

May 31, 2017 By Kayla Matthews

We're constantly reminded that there's only 24 hours in a day so how can we better plan our day to make the most of our time? In this article Kayla Matthews from Productivity Theory takes a look at 3 simple ways you can schedule your work day to be more productive, feel less stress and have more time for yourself.…more »

Health & Well-Being


How To Cope With Living In A Stressful City

March 8, 2017 By Kayla Matthews

When we think about things that cause us stress thoughts often leap to workplace issues and family, but the area we live in can be causing problems too. Whilst it's not always possible to move, you can make changes to your home environment and can also use your location and your commute to your advantage too.…more »

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