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Jack White is a blogger and a part-time contributor at Jack specializes in eCommerce and entrepreneurship, but he is no stranger to topics such as psychology, self-development, and personal productivity. Besides that, Jack is a father of three lovely kids and an amateur long-distance runner.
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Come Out Of The Shell: How To Own A Business As An Introvert

September 9, 2019 By Jack White

Life is easy for extroverts. They are talkative, make friends easily, and don’t have any problems participating in groups or teams. Introverts, however, suffer a much bigger pressure when facing other people, which can even interfere with their business plans.An introvert is someone who is characterized by introversion, particularly a person who is reserved, shy, and enjoys spending time alone. Such individuals need more time to approach someone new and establish quality relationships. But it doesn’t mean that introverts cannot run their own businesses.…more »


Easy Motivational Routines That Actually Work

April 9, 2018 By Jack White

Getting motivated can be a difficult task but getting into a routine can be a great help. In this article we give you some fantastic tips on easy ways to build routines that will help you get motivated to get your tasks done.…more »

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