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Christine Ellis holds a master’s degree in linguistics and holds a position of Content Editor. Christine oversees the cultivation of creative content and enjoys building relationships with owners of quality blogs and sites across the globe. Christine’s passions include studying modernist literature and linguistics, which she uses to inspire her writing style.
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Career Development

Can Your Negotiation Skills Boost Your Salary?

September 10, 2019 By Christine Ellis

We all know the importance of job satisfaction. Most employees spend at least a third of their day at their work, and up to half of their waking hours. That’s more than most people spend with their friends, their families, even their dogs. Given the sheer amount of time dedicated to working, it makes sense that people look for high job satisfaction. One key component of that job satisfaction is a salary that matches your worth. Your paycheck is far from the only factor in job satisfaction. However, if you are consistently underpaid, you will likely feel undervalued and frustrated about the many hours you spend working to barely make it by. Key negotiation strategies garnered from the best negotiation skills seminars can help you get paid what you deserve.…more »

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