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Business And Mindset: Align Your Mind To Make More Money

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Business And Mindset: Align Your Mind To Make More Money

“Abundance Mindset” is a popular word among entrepreneurs, but what does that mean? Your mind is an amazing simulator. It is constantly making predictions about the regularities of your life. Your subconscious is not only handling all of your autonomic nervous impulses, like your heartbeat and breathing, it is also making predictions about what will happen. For example, when you are walking, your mind is constantly predicting where the ground will be, which is why uneven ground can be so treacherous.

In a similar fashion, your subconscious mind is constantly making predictions about everything else. It is anticipating things you’ll need, conversations you’ll have with neighbors, and how much success you are able to achieve. For this reason, a money mindset is one of the best assets to invest in.

This can be a struggle for anyone! Especially for those who have experienced a lot of scarcity in life, it can be hard to imagine having a wildly successful business. But this inability to imagine success often is what keeps success at bay. Your subconscious is the gatekeeper to your actions, and if you want to extend yourself out of your comfort zone into wild success, you will need to change your mind.

Invest in your mindset now. Here are some methods to begin retraining the mind towards success, not scarcity.

Write Yourself a Permission Slip to be Satisfied

Those with a scarcity mindset view satisfaction as something that will be reached at a certain point in the future. They think “Oh, I’ll finally be successful when my business makes a certain amount of money.” or “I’ll be successful once I learn everything from this newsletters talking stock investments.”. This is not a successful mindset because it makes people feel like imposters, even if they achieve success. The reason for this is they are constantly measuring themselves by the ways in which they come up short.

A business owner with a more success-oriented mindset sees their business both for what it is, and what it is becoming. They look at what they’ve got and say “I’ve already got a great business, let’s see this grow.” Give yourself permission to be proud of what you already have and see how it affects your business’ growth.

Protect Yourself From the Negativity of Others

Ambition attracts haters. When you first begin to speak of your business goals, you will get a lot of mixed reactions. Remember, how people respond says a lot about them and their lives and very little about your abilities.

If someone criticizes your business plan, ask yourself if their criticism is valid. Do they have any experience in your industry? Can you make changes using this feedback? If the answer to both is “no,” it’s not worth listening to.

There are a lot of people who are going to offer negative opinions because they themselves are insecure. Do not let their negativity affect you.

Create An Environment of Positivity

Look at your living and working spaces: do they make you happy? Do your creative juices flow in the spaces that you spend the most time in? It’s time to change the feng shui of your spaces to attract more abundant energy! The abundance mindset isn’t just about taking in, it’s about letting go. So clear out all the old cabinets and old dressers, clear out junk drawers, get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy. Creating space allows energy, and money, to flow in.

Leave positive messages in places you will see them. Decorate your office with motivational images. Clean up your digital spaces by unfriending and unfollowing anyone that posts negative messages.

Watch How You Speak About Your Success

When you speak of your business’ success, be sure to speak of it as something that is currently happening, not something you hope to happen. Scarcity mindset sees goals as a pie-in-the-sky hope, but money mindset says goals are a thing being worked towards now. So someone with a scarcity mindset would say “I hope my business makes a million dollars.” The business owner with a money mindset says “I am strategizing to make a million dollars.”

The words you use contain magic, that’s why creating words called “spelling.” When you speak of your success as a thing that is currently happening, it conjures more success. You re-train your mind to see your business as already successful, and you begin to both notice and invite more opportunities to grow.

Make a Space For Your Visions

Humans are strongly visual creatures. For us, seeing is believing, so let’s start seeing. Visualize your success every day. What will your success look like? What clothes will you wear as a successful business owner?  What will your office look like? If you are unclear on what you are working towards, it makes it harder to work towards that vision.

Once you have a vivid image in your head, create a vision board. Whether it’s a physical board or Pinterest board, having a visual representation of your future success will aid to maintain motivation when times get tough. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Keep Journal of Gratitude

The best way to attract abundance is to feel like you already have plenty. To shift from this space of longing to a sense of having is to take note of the things you are grateful for, especially in terms of your business. Every night, before you go to bed, list at least three things you are grateful for. Try not to repeat yourself. Look for new things to be grateful for every day, and you will begin to magnetize abundance. Not only will you naturally attract money, people will also want to work with you more because gratitude is a great attitude.

Bottom Line

In addition to an excellent business strategy, a proper abundance mindset can take a small business owner to the next level. When you align your mind with abundance, money flows in.

Your own mindset is one of the best assets to invest in, so start inviting abundance today!

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