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9 Strategies To Overcome Your Loss Of Motivation

9 Strategies To Overcome Your Loss Of Motivation

9 Strategies To Overcome Your Loss Of Motivation

All of us at one given time have experienced moments where we feel like we have lost our motivation and don’t want to do anything at all. Even the most successful people do at times feel unmotivated. The most important and different thing between the successful people and less successful ones is that the successful ones have a quick turnaround from being unmotivated. How one deals with this feeling of being “down” is what really matters, and that’s what really helps them to move forward and accomplish their goals.

Being motivated is one of the key things that helps us move each day. Lack of it tends to make us procrastinate on things that are supposed to get done. Eventually, it leads to one developing the bad habit of giving up. This has happened to a lot of people and has totally ruined their lives. It is therefore important to get motivated and be able to stay motivated no matter what. Staying motivated has proven to be a great challenge to most of us and the following points will enable one overcome those challenges and strive to great success.

1. Know What You Want and The Reason Why You Want It

Knowing what you want and having a reason for it is very important as it helps you gain a sense of direction. It’s crucial for you to think deeply about what you want in the first place as it will help you to develop the driving force. By gaining emotional strength, one is able to do whatever it takes to accomplish a task. Knowing what you want and having a strong reason about it helps keep you motivated. Make it a habit of writing down what you want and the reasons behind this, as having a tangible material assists in reinforcement and transformation of your actions to reality.

2. Set Goals and Envision Them

It’s important to set your goals as it enables you to create a list of possible desired outcomes that you would want to achieve.This will help you strategize and plan how you will embark on your activities. Setting goals does not necessarily require motivation but it helps you to get motivated. Visualize your set goals that you need to complete to achieve success. Think through every minute detail of your goal. Try to picture whatever you want. Visualizing helps you see the detailed end product in your mind, and this encourage and motivates you to act on your goals. This also helps you unleash the power of the mind, creating a strong motive for you to achieve their goal.

3. Set Targets and Reward Yourself After Achieving Them

Writing down the reasons for your goals is good, but not good enough. You need to write your daily schedule and establish constant reminders to keep pushing you to attain your goals and objectives.

Having short- term goals within your long term goals helps create achievable milestones. You can reward yourself with every milestone you achieve. This helps create a feeling of accomplishment. Breaking larger tasks into smaller ones also helps you from getting overwhelmed. Having plans of actions enables you to work with enthusiasm and enjoyment towards achieving your goals. It creates a happy feeling when you accomplish a task no matter how small it is, thereby boosting your motivation.

4. Believe In Yourself

Have a dream, dream big and believe in yourself. The greatest minds and inventions were all fruits of big dreams. Dreaming big and believing in yourself is a very powerful principle if you get to apply it in your life. Dreams help create mental pictures and inspiration of what you want to achieve. As with everything in life, you have to start small and steadily work out towards achieving your dream by believing in oneself. The small baby steps will help you build momentum, and motivation will arise enabling you to continue doing more. You have to understand what you want and believe in yourself in order to counter discouragements from people and achieve your dreams and goals.

5. Create a Conducive Environment

The work environment has an important effect on one’s mood and tends to dictate one’s performance. For example, when a person hangs out with lazy people, he tends to become lazy as his surroundings are filled with laziness. It’s important for one to stay with active people who are positively minded in order to have a positive atmosphere to work in. If you mix with successful people, you get inspired, motivated, and learn how to succeed. Working in the right environment helps boost your success energy level, so develop your workspace into a good and supporting environment. Your environment is important and can really affect you, so change to the right environment.

6. Find Someone to Motivate You and Help Check on Your Progress

There are various ways in which one can get motivated. You can get motivated from reading a book, listening to a motivating audio tape or video, or listening to uplifting music. Reading a book or watching a motivating video can help lift your spirit and put you back to a faster gear. Also get a friend to act as your mentor and help check on your progress.

7. Eat Well, Exercise, and Get Plenty of Rest

Eating well is crucial as it leads to good health and is essential for a quality life. Ensure that you always take balanced diet and plenty of water to keep yourself healthy and hydrated. Body exercise is very important especially when you feel like doing nothing as it helps motivate you by keeping your body busy and fit. Plenty of exercise and rest helps keep the body fit and minimizes stress and depression.

8. Change Your Physiology and Stay In Action

When you’re in a sad state, you tend to perform poorly as a result of being unmotivated. This is true as motion creates emotion. Try and change your physiology whenever you feel down and have no motivation to do any work. If you’re feeling happy and energetic, your physiology tends to be in a different state. Your body and mind tend to be active and more creative when you’re feeling great and happy, and in this mood, one tends to achieve a lot. Always try to change your physiology into a positive one as it helps keep you motivated, proactive, and productive.

9. Take a Break

Sometimes you need to take a break in order to catch a breathe and get reenergized. Success never comes to anyone overnight. Breaks are important as they help one from getting fatigue and going into depressions. They also allow one time to brainstorm and find interesting ways to proceed with their goal and reenergize. Just like Isaac Newton resting under a tree was able to come up with amazing laws of gravity, rest is important as it lets the brain digest the activities it has been undertaking previously.


Getting motivated is key to one succeeding in life, but it’s not an easy task staying motivated. Hard work, great discipline, and dedication are required for one to be successful in achieving it. Motivation is a habit that one acquires over a period of time and a hard habit to sustain. Don’t give up. The struggle is worth it and with everyday struggle, you get to move a step closer to mastering it and attaining better life benefits that come with being motivated. Motivation helps strengthen your muscles and empowers you for success by enabling you to develop positive habits that lead to your goal attainment.

We believe that the 9 techniques discussed in this article will help you conquer your loss of motivation. Please share with us your results and experiences in the comments below.

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