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9 Important Things That Help Make Your Bathroom Gorgeous And Relaxing

Cosy bathroom with wooden furniture

9 Important Things That Help Make Your Bathroom Gorgeous And Relaxing

The environment in which you brush your teeth or take a bath affects your mood, state of mind, and even your well-being. Many people try to create a bathroom interior that promotes relaxation. Even though it is not easy to make a perfect bathroom, there are some tips that can help you get the interior you want. In this article, we have gathered nine important things that help make your bathroom gorgeous and relaxing.

1. Functionality

The bathroom should be functional and there is no need to argue with that. A well-planned interior, where everything is thought out and easily accessible, is real salvation. Morning showers and tooth brushing will take less time when each thing has its own place and space is organized so that everything is at hand. For an evening bath, a large freestanding bath or hot shower with different watering cans and settings that allow you to change from calm to tropical showers are the best options.

2. Materials

Experience designers recommend using similar materials to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the bathroom. Small tiles and mosaics are gradually giving way to more modern finishes in bathroom decors like large-format tiles, natural stone, paint, plaster, and concrete. The one-piece surface creates a sense of stability, reliability, and consistency. It is also better to stick to a limited selection of materials and palettes, but keep those materials luxurious.

3. Context

Good designs always take into account the context and the spirit of the place. If the designer manages to achieve harmony with the environment, the project turns out to be organic and finished, which also contributes to spiritual harmony. This rule applies equally well to public projects (hotels and spas) and private bathroom interiors.

4. Atmospheric lighting

Light plays one of the most important roles in bathroom design. Indeed, it is perfect when the bathroom has a window. This allows you to combine artificial and natural lighting, as well as admire the cityscape or nature views while taking water treatments. For country houses, you can consider installing a bathroom in the attic with a window in the ceiling.

But in a city apartment, there is always a place for creativity as well. Many designers recommend supplementing the overhead light with built-in lighting and other types of lighting For example, you can add the lighting that is built into many models of mirrors, Additionally, there are even bathtubs and shower equipment with LEDs that change color at the user’s request. Moreover, you can always just light candles in the bathroom and create a romantic mood with the help of a living flame.

5. Streamlined shapes

Smooth and streamlined architectural details in bathroom interiors can also promote relaxation. For example, a beautiful niche in the wall where you can install a bathtub on legs is a great option. This solution creates a feeling of security, shelter, and intimacy while taking a bath or shower, which can be reduced when the bathtub is just in the middle of the room.

6. Discreet palette

If your goal is a bright bathroom interior, you can choose tiles with active patterns and original decor. But if you want a bathroom that will provide calmness and relaxation, bright colors and catchy accessories are contraindicated. In this case, it is better to use monochrome colors, calm design, and natural materials like wood and its imitations. This will help create a serene atmosphere.

7. Plumbing equipment

It is important to pay sufficient attention to plumbing equipment and accessories especially because now manufacturers offer a choice for every taste and style. For example, it is good to use contrasting options that will stand out against the background of neutral walls and serve as visual accents. If you want to create a warm, enveloping, soothing space that was expensive, stylish, and rich, you can use, for example, gold and dark brown shades. These colors compliment and set off each other and gentle stains on the stone serve as a contrast to the clear geometric shapes of the metallic elements.

8. Freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub in a city apartment is a luxury option but if you want to have a gorgeous and relaxing bathroom, it is worth considering it. Such a bathtub becomes the key point of the interior and makes it possible to enjoy water procedures as much as possible and feel like a movie star at the same time.

A beautiful claw-foot bath is a good start to the perfect relaxation setting, but there are other factors to consider, such as spaciousness, simplicity, choice of materials. Additionally, if you already have an old or vintage bathtub that needs repair, you can always order a bathtub reglazing to make it look new.

9. Live plants

If you want to have a cozy bathroom, you should know that living plants are a 100 percent must-have. Living plants in the bathroom bring home warmth and coziness to the interior, help to create an atmosphere of relaxation and rest, and contribute to its transformation into a real home spa-center. Green leaves and flowers will look equally good in a modern interior and in a classic bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub and retro-style lace curtains.

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