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8 Web Development Trends You Must Be Ready for in 2022

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8 Web Development Trends You Must Be Ready for in 2022

Web development trends in the tech market change from year to year. To keep your product up to date, you should be aware of what solutions are in demand today.

This article will cover the eight web development trends for 2022 defined after studying the tech market to implement in your product. You can see its list below:

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Responsive websites
  • Voice search optimization
  • API-first development
  • Push notifications
  • AI-powered chatbots
  • Motion UI

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWA is an advantageous web solution since it comprises functions of native applications, for instance, push notifications, offline access, or hardware access.

Statistics state, that mobile devices take over 80% compared to desktops and tablets.

PWA offers solutions that will attract the audience by getting rid of the website usage pains, like scarce experience, inconvenience, lack of offline access.

Let’s list some famous companies which have already developed a PWA to advance the product:

  • Alibaba
  • Forbes
  • Twitter
  • Virgin America
  • The Washington Post

Applied technologies to build PWA:

  • Angular
  • React
  • Polymer

Cost Variety

The PWA development duration decreases 4 times versus native app development. However, not all projects can do without app-building. The conversion of existing projects to PWAs may impact the total price since task complexity.

Twitter and Alaska airlines homepages on a mobile phone

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google released AMP in 2015, a great solution aimed at increasing the browsing process. The main advantage and peculiarity of AMPs is instant loading (2 seconds, whereas standard websites require 22).

An important note for SEO: Google appreciates AMPs and places them to the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Example of an AMP powered page compared to a standard web page

Applied technologies to create AMP

AMP development requires a special AMP HTML open framework. In addition, here’s a documentation guide from Google created to build an AMP efficiently.

Responsive Websites

Responsiveness is indispensable for web app development nowadays. Responsiveness implies that the web page has high adjustability to the environment it is used in. Since the prevalent phone usage, Google will grade websites by phone screen adaptiveness.

Voice Search

Invoca states that 65% of users aged from 25 to 49 speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once daily. This fact proves that you shouldn’t delay the launch of your website with the voice search implemented.

This way to make searching requests is really handy and will advance both your platform and customer experience. The faster you implement it, the more benefits you’ll get.

Applied Technologies To Implement Voice Searching

A great technology to cope with voice queries is a Web Speech API. It can recognize and define the context to provide users with the required information. Speech synthesis makes the text being pronounced and makes scripts able to study this text.

API-First Approach

There’s no secret that the longer the pre-launching phase is, the higher is the quality and performance of the final product. The API-first development puts the API stage on priority, whereas the ordinary one doesn’t focus on this stage that much neglecting its tests and an accurate building. Moreover, the time-to-market will significantly increase by properly conducting all actions mentioned above.

The standard API creation flow is the following

  1. The R&D (research and design) team builds a design.
  2. Back-end developers create a prototype.
  3. QA and front-end developers proceed to bug fixing (if any), implementing extra features, and accomplishing clients’ revisions.

How the front-end and back-end development teams interact

API-first development involves all the specialists without making each other wait. Consequently, the website launching won’t be delayed, meeting the deadlines.

How a front-end and back-end team interact with an API in use

Applied technologies for API-first approach

  • Swagger
  • API Blueprint

Push Notifications

Web app notifications are really in demand since they make usage extremely convenient. Depending on the website topic, website members receive various notifications, which may be customized in settings. Thus, brands can engage users and post target advertisements to raise sales.

Applied Technologies To Implement Push Notifications

  • OneSignal
  • PushEngage
  • ZoPush
  • PushCrew

AI-Powered Chatbots

This essential trend is present in all large-scale, global companies. Worldwide time zones make it extremely difficult to provide clients with constant support. That’s why digital assistance is a beneficial way to cope with widespread customers’ issues. Therefore, employees are involved only in overcoming complex obstacles. They can respond to FAQs almost immediately, redirect clients to the human assistants, process orders, etc.

Research reveals that many consumers apply to chatbots for a quick response to their request:

Graph showing predicted use cases for chatbots

Applied Technologies To Build AI-Powered Chatbots

  • Microsoft Bot Framework
  • Facebook Bot Engine
  • Dialogflow

Animated UI

Motion interface makes your platform memorable, eye-catching, and pleasant to use. The more creative developers you hire, the more sophisticated the animated elements’ concept your product will have.

Graphic showing an animated user interface on a website

Applied Technologies For Animated UI

Motion UI comprises a Sass library for efficiently building flexible CSS motions and animations. It’s an autonomous library that manages the elements’ transitions.

Wrapping Up

It is necessary but not enough to know about trends to make your business sought-after. You should be able to choose the most relevant ones for your product and implement them correctly. The efficient and successful way to do this is to apply to a competent software development vendor with top-notch services that will help you to get the most of the hottest web development trends.

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    Artificial Intelligence is emerging in almost every industry Becuse It makes the process easier and faster. Ai Chatbots are very important for every site because nowadays people prefer to chat using chatbots instead of calling and do not prefer to wait for customer care officers on call. You wrote an amazing article on this topic. Thank you for posting.

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