8 Tips for Saving Money and Your Life (

8 Tips for Saving Money and Your Life (

I’ve been pointed in the direction of an article entitled “8 Tips for Saving Money and Your Life” Over at the Bankaholic blog which I thought I’d share with you.

There’s some good little tidbits there (although I disagree with point one massively – cough, cough!) such as wearing sensible shoes and avoiding Junk Food.

In these days of the credit crunch, as a famous supermarket chain says every little helps.

I’d like to add one more point to the list:

9. Ditch the gym membership – Whilst you may think you’re doing yourself a favour, think how much you’re spending on the gym. Most of the equipment there can be accessed at local leisure centres (and even hotels) at a fraction of the cost. Plus, if you’ve got a bike why not use it instead of sitting on the one in the gym and not actually going anywhere?!

How about you? Do you have any money saving and fitness inducing tips for us? Let us know in the comments

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    “Thanks for the comment Sara. I’d also recommend not necessarily buying everything from one shop. It may be cheaper to visit the butcher, baker (an candlestick maker!) plus you help local businesses”


    “Check out the specials in your local newspaper. Select anything you need which costs less than you would normally pay. Walk to the aforementioned supermarket, buy only the items identified and walk home. If you cannot carry them all in one trip, repeat. Good for you, your budget, the environment, getting to know your area and can fill an entire weekend with no cost activities if your list is long enough.”

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