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7 Things That Have Improved The Construction Industry

Scroll Saw Cutting Metal

7 Things That Have Improved The Construction Industry Staff
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Do you know about two and a half million years ago people lived in caves but still in that time relied on different types of tools made of stone? So, the use of machines or equipment is nothing new to them. In this respect, the construction industry is the oldest among others and has seen remarkable improvement overtime.

And the most rapid improvement that has happened in this industry is in the last 40 years.

Gone are the days when construction companies took many years to complete a project. Today, things have changed dramatically. Thanks to the advent of innovative technologies, buildings are now being constructed at an accelerated pace and of course ensuring safety construction workers.

One example will show you how things have changed in this industry. The prudential tower was a landmark building of the 60s. Situated in Boston, USA. it was a 52 storied building. The construction of this building was started in 1960 and completed in 1964. That means it took 4 years to complete.

In contrast, Burj Khalifa, which is a monumental building of Dubai, has 163 floors and stands 2723 feet tall. However, despite its massive size and a staggering height, it only took 5 years to complete. And, it was only possible with the blessing of different modern technologies and tools. Let us discuss several of those great tools and technologies.

1. Scroll saw

We would like to start our discussion with a great cutting tool: a scroll saw. It is a small electric powered tool that is used to cut complex curves in metal, wood or other materials. Whether it is a small or large construction project, workers needed to perform various cutting tasks. In this backdrop, scroll saws greatly enhanced their cutting capabilities. If you want to know more about this tool, visit here.

2. Easily carried drill presses

Today’s construction tools need to be compact, lightweight, durable and easy to use. A portable drill press is one such tool. The tool is used for drilling into rigid metals while not applying excessive pressure. It is an indispensable tool for both small and large construction companies.

3. Computers

Information technology has great contributions in almost every field ranging from medical science to the space industry. So, the contribution of computers to the construction industry is of no exception. Gone are the times when complex designs, difficult calculations and a complete dummy project was sketched on paper.

Now paper is replaced with software. Calculations, drawing designs and making a mock project, everything is now possible with software. If information technology did not intervene positively in the construction industry, skyscrapers like the Petronas tower in Malaysia or Burj Khalifa in Dubai were not possible to build in less than a decade.

4. Drones

Drones are one of the great innovations of the 21st century. These amazing tools have numerous useful applications. They were initially developed for military uses. But, drones have now nearly a dozen non-military uses. A few of the noticeable civilian uses of drones are weather forecasting, geographic mapping, disaster management, rescue operation, law enforcement, and archaeological surveys.

In large construction projects, drones have a few important uses like reading measurements, surveilling, and helps managers to keep an eye on the entire project.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence expands its applications even in the construction industry. AI programmers make many useful AI programs where designers can input design criteria and get beautiful and workable solutions as output.

There is a AI based application known as Smartvid which allows you to monitor the safety hazard of a construction site.  The application took pictures and videos of the site and artificial intelligence analyze data to identify workers that are missing or not wearing any safety gear. In short, AI can be used to create a safe working environment.

6. GPS or global positioning system and lasers

One can easily assume that a construction project means a lot of measurement is taking place there. And a marginal mistake of construction engineers can ruin a mega project.

Before the emergence of laser technology, construction workers use strings and tape in measurement work. But it was a big hassle. Not only that. The biggest challenge was ensuring accuracy. In tape or string measurement process, the possibility of human error was quite high and thus jeopardize the entire project.

Today, both GPS which is commonly known as the global positioning system and laser measuring tools are widely used in construction sites. These tools make the measurement task of engineers much simpler and accurate.

7. Three-dimensional modeling technology

Before kicking off a construction project, one preliminary task of engineers is making a blueprint of the building. This mock design would shows how the new building will look like, how many rooms it would have and the intricate design of the water lines.


Construction industry is ever-changing. The availability and application of many new tools will make it a thriving industry in the years to come.

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