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6 Workplace Improvements To Prioritize Security And Safety

A person wearing safety gear while using tools

6 Workplace Improvements To Prioritize Security And Safety

Safety and security hazards in the workplace can be too much for a single employee to handle on their own. Workplace risks such as unhealthy or congested environments, faulty electrical wiring, and wet floors are more common than you think. According to the International Labour Organization, there are about 340 million occupational accidents every year around the globe, with the construction industry as one of the highest contributors.

Because workplace accidents are so common, almost all developed countries have an agency tasked to impose safety and security measures in the workplace. Good safety regulations should protect workers’ and employers’ well-being and financial health. Both should make an effort to minimize risks, which is why a safe and healthy environment is a top priority for many companies.

Organizations should connect with employees in promoting safety management to avoid neglecting essential due diligence and possible lawsuits when an accident occurs. So, how can your business improve your workplace safety and security standards? Here are a few tips.

Issue Employee Key Cards

Enforce robust building security to protect your employees and the visitors of your organization. Workplace hazards aren’t always related to office conditions. Sometimes, they also refer to intruders. You can implement modern technology or physical means to strengthen your security.

Physically, security guards are a great layer of building protection. However, from a technological aspect, key cards can help provide and limit access to employees and visitors of the building. You’ll be able to monitor who goes in and out of company areas.

Conduct Safety Awareness Education

People wearing googles and masks while in a workshop

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The best way to prevent accidents is to identify the risks and be aware of how you can avoid them. No matter how skilled an employee is, they may still pose security risks if they’re not fully aware of safety measures. By being unaware of the possible work hazards, they’re putting everybody at risk because they don’t know how making a mistake can lead to potentially serious consequences.

Safety is of utmost importance when working in a high-risk industry, such as construction. Managers should be able to educate workers about the risks associated with their jobs and how to prevent them. Ensure everyone follows safety regulations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s Self-Inspection Checklist. If someone isn’t informed of workplace safety, they shouldn’t be allowed to work onsite.

Install Video Surveillance

Security systems are no longer exclusive to large companies. Nowadays, even small and medium businesses can have proper video surveillance with tons of options in the market.

You can ward off potential intruders from targeting your organization with security cameras. Robbers will most likely skip an establishment when they notice cameras and signs that a building is monitored. In addition to video surveillance, it’s best that you also post signages about your security system at every entry and exit point.

Train Workers On Standard Safety And Security Practices

Awareness is different from training. Knowing the risks is one thing while practicing proper operations is another. You can guide your employees on safety and security practices with various resources like training videos, pamphlets, worksheets, and onsite training.

Employees shouldn’t only be trained once and then believe they’re good to go. Training should be held regularly for new and experienced workers alike to refresh everyone on standard safety measures. Some examples of training sessions you can conduct are the proper use of ladders and fall protection. In addition to safety training, they should also know what to do in case of an accident.

Provide Workers With The Proper Equipment

Two people wearing safety gear and holding some paperwork

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Proper equipment and an appropriate work area are essential to workplace safety. If your workers have the wrong equipment, the chances of getting an injury are high. However, providing suitable materials and machinery isn’t enough as you have to make sure that everything is well-maintained.

Workplaces should also have optimal working conditions. You should provide water onsite to prevent exposure-related illnesses and dehydration. If you can, improve indoor air quality by enhancing ventilation, replacing air filters, and monitoring humidity levels.

Be Transparent About Accidents

Accidents happen. Sometimes, no matter how hard you enforce safety measures and practices, they could still occur. What’s important is that you don’t cover them up. When you hide accidents from the public and the press, it can paint your company in a negative light.

By contrast, transparency can push you toward improving your safety practices. As long as you do your best to foster a safe environment for your employees, people will understand.

Reduce Workplace Accidents And Threats

The fewer accidents and injuries your company experiences, the better your business’s reputation becomes because it means you value your employees by prioritizing their safety and security. Reduce the number of concerns by incorporating building safety measures and surveillance, conducting safety awareness education and training, providing proper equipment, and being transparent about accidents.

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