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6 Reasons Shipping Containers Make Great Home Workshops

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6 Reasons Shipping Containers Make Great Home Workshops Staff
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Are you thinking of running a business from home and need some dedicated space? Perhaps you’ve got a hobby that involves the use of tools or machinery that you can’t use inside your home? In both cases, homeowners would usually buy a shed or pay for a brick outbuilding that they can use for such purposes. If that’s something you are thinking of doing, have you ever considered buying a shipping container and installing that in your garden instead?

If that’s not a thought that has ever crossed your mind, here are some reasons why it could make total sense for your needs:

1. Shipping containers are weatherproof

If you have a wooden shed in your garden, it will eventually begin to rot after a few years, even if you apply wood staining to its exterior. One of the advantages of using a shipping container instead is that they are weatherproof.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny, raining, stormy or windy, your shipping container will stand the test of time! Moreover, there is tons of space inside shipping container homes which can take up lots and lots of scattered stuff and eventually save you a lot of space.

2. They are easy to modify

The primary reason why shipping containers exist is to store items inside of them for long-haul transportation purposes. But, did you know that if you buy one from a place like S Jones Containers, you can easily adapt it to your needs? For example, you could cut holes on the sides for windows and even replace the doors for household ones.

3. You can stack them

You will have no doubt seen that shipping containers get stacked on vessels when they get transported across the world’s oceans. Of course, your neighbours and local authority might have an issue with stacking several on top of each other. However, you could always stack one on top of another, or even have one installed underground and stack another one that way. The possibilities are endless with shipping containers!

4. They are secure

Let’s face it: one of the concerns you will have about setting up a workshop in your garden is security. The last thing you want is for a criminal to jump over your fence and break into your workshop, stealing your tools and other valuables. The great thing about shipping containers is they are very secure, perhaps even more so than many people’s homes. Check out the Lock Shop Warehouse for more information.

5. You can paint them all kinds of colours

When you have a shipping container installed in your garden, you don’t want it to create an eyesore for you or any of your neighbours. So, with that in mind, you can paint your shipping container all kinds of colours. Just make sure you use a paint rated for exterior metal items to prevent the onset of corrosion.

6. They are relatively easy to install

Last, but not least, did you know that shipping containers aren’t as hard as you might think to have installed in your garden? You could have it delivered and installed using a variety of heavy machinery, even if there isn’t much access to your rear garden from the front of your home.

So, when will you be getting your shipping container workshop?

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