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6 Home Office Design Ideas That Promote Productivity

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6 Home Office Design Ideas That Promote Productivity

Even if you didn’t work from home before, in the world’s new climate of social distancing, many offices have transitioned to a 100% remote or partially remote work-from-home business structure.

If you’re dealing with creating a home office, it can be difficult to find the right design ideas and tools. In this article we help you learn to be more productive by offering you amazing office design ideas that will transform your space and ensure you keep your mind on your work.

1. Find a Quiet Corner

You want to be able to tailor every element of your work space to be as stress free as possible — and that includes the types of noises that surround you. While some people can work over the sounds of playing children, traffic, music, or noisy dogs, others get incredibly distracted by these external elements. By finding the quietest place in your house, you can now control the sounds you hear. Use a white noise machine or find a gadget that plays ocean sounds to ensure you’re relaxed, focused, and ready to work.

If you have always worked in the midst of a busy part of the house, you might be surprised at your increased efficiency once you get some peace and quiet.

2. Try Mood Lighting

You probably already know a little bit about lighting just from choosing bulbs for your home. There are cool tones and warm tones that dramatically change the feel of your favorite spaces. If you feel the effects of lighting on your home’s decor, imagine the effect lighting has on your workspace.

Many experts believe that cool tones are best for increasing alertness and enhancing your mood, while warm lighting is best for creating warm, intimate spaces. Consider light bulbs on the blue white end of the spectrum for your workspace and experience your productivity and creative energy soar.

3. Declutter the Space

You don’t want to be swimming in paperwork, books, and half empty cups of coffee as you’re trying to get through your day! Declutter your space with shelving, folder housing, and other storage accessories, like brackets and supports, to ensure everything is within easy reach when you need it, but it’s not overwhelming your work space.

Measure the layout of your office before purchasing any organizational additions to make sure you aren’t just adding to the clutter with ill-fitting cabinets and shelves.

4. Add Some Greenery

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You might never have considered plants as an assistant to productivity, but they are so much more than just an environmentally friendly decor element. Studies show that adding some greenery to your space can improve productivity by up to 15%! Plants also oxygenate your space and help balance any environment that’s a little too clinical or stale.

5. Consider Your Nose

Your sense of smell is one of the last things you might expect to affect your productivity, but many studies show that specific essential oils can lift your mood, de-stress your space, and even improve your energy levels.

Consider introducing peppermint, lavender, or citrus scents to your home office for their uplifting and/or soothing benefits:

  • Peppermint – Energy
  • Eucalyptus – Energy
  • Citrus – Mood Lifting
  • Jasmine – Mood Lifting
  • Lavender – Destress
  • Chamomile – Destress

6. The Importance of a Chair

A comfortable chair is critical to your productivity. You don’t want something that makes you constantly shift or get up due to discomfort. A bad chair can completely destroy your workflow. If your chair causes you pain, you’re in even bigger danger, as pain can affect your mood and concentration. Find a chair that’s ergonomic and meant for long hours at the desk, to avoid suffering from decreased productivity because you just can’t sit still.

With these new design ideas, there’s no way that the 3pm slump will derail you from staying on task. Revamp your home office today and experience a major difference in productivity and workflow today!\

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