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5 Ways To Organize Toys In Small Spaces

5 Ways To Organize Toys In Small Spaces

5 Ways To Organize Toys In Small Spaces

Kids can naturally be rowdy, and when it’s playtime, nothing can stop them from using every toy they have in the house. Although it is good to see them happily play their time away at home, the aftermath is not a pretty thing to look at. A child can, however, be trained to clean up after themselves, but as a parent, you need to show them the way first.

Organizing your kid’s numerous toys could be hard especially if your home is already short of space. But of course, there are several ways to get over that problem – and they don’t have to be costly either

Now that the kids have gone back to school, it’s time to get a routine in place to help them keep their toys (and your sanity) in check!

1. Wall Shelves

Since your home can be easily short on floor space, wall shelves are the answer for almost anything. It can be practically installed in your living room, kitchen, and of course, your kid’s bedrooms. You have to make sure however that the shelves can be easily reached by your kids, otherwise, it will be hard for you to train them how to clean or organize their toys in the shelf.

2. Hanging Baskets and Cases

This is quite similar to wall shelves, but with a different DIY twist. You can use a basket or several plastic cases and hang them using a rope. Again, you must make sure that they are not placed too high, or else your kids will have a hard time reaching and returning their toys.

3. Roll-In Storages

Roll-In storages can usually be seen under the bed. You can always make use of your kid’s extra space underneath their bed to install a space for storage that can easily be pulled out whenever needed. Aside from toys, you can also use this to store clothes, garments, and other personal effects.

4. Install a Magnetic Strip

You can buy a magnetic board and place it in your kid’s room to be used as a toy organizer. This is great especially if your kid is fond of toy cars and robots that are made of metal. It is also a creative way to store and display their toys too! If you want your magnetic board to be larger, just buy 2 or more of them so you can combine it together.

5. Use Large Boxes/Organizers

You can repurpose large boxes such as wooden crates and laundry baskets to be used as a toy organizer or storage. Boxes that can be stacked one after the other are also recommended because they don’t need to take up as much floor space, but the space for storage can still be maximized.

Playtime is fun by itself, but you also need to show the kids that organizing and putting away their toys can be a fun activity and something that’s full of creativity too. You can also urge them to DIY their storages with names, stickers, and other crafts. You need to teach them that despite the small space, it is still home – and it is part of their responsibility to own it and keep it neat.

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