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4 Must-Dos When You Work For Yourself

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4 Must-Dos When You Work For Yourself Staff
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When you work for yourself you have so many things that you need to juggle. We know that you want to spend your time just getting on with it and offering your best services and products to your customers, but there are those other tasks that you know you should really get around to.

To save you time working out which ones are the priorities, today we are sharing with you 4 must-dos when you work for yourself.

Ensure that your tax and legal responsibilities are covered

You need to ensure that you fully understand your legal and tax responsibilities. Take the time to register as self employed and make sure that you understand the records that you will need to keep in order to complete your annual tax return.

There is then the question of insurance. In most cases, if you are working for yourself you will need some level of insurance to cover you and your business, This will probably be specific to you industry and business, for example you might look at Rhino Trade Insurance if you are a tradesman.

Get online

People expect businesses to have a digital presence, so you really do need to get online.

Set yourself up with a website. At the basic level you will need a few pages showcasing all that you do and how people can contact you. You might then want to run a shop from it or a blog sharing more about what you can offer and your day to day activities.

You should then utilise social media as the channels are free to use and a great way to market your business and reach more potential customers. Choose one or two platforms to begin with and master those before trying any more. Ensure that they are set up with an image and a bio and that you share content to them regularly.

Organise a work space

You want your workspace to be a productive place, whether it is in your home or on business premises.

Think about what equipment you will need to perform your role effectively and arrange your work space so that you have everything that you need to hand. You will want everywhere to be tidy and uncluttered so that you can easily find what you need throughout the day.

Set yourself up with all of the essentials and then add the little touches that will make it an enjoyable environment for you to work in. You will be spending many hours here, possibly alone, so if adding a few photos, potted plants or a radio will lift your spirits, then do so.

Give yourself a break

This is the one that most of us overlook, and yet it is crucial to the success of your business.

From time to time, give yourself a break. A lunch break away from your work, a day off to recharge, a weekend away to enjoy yourself. Take what you need to ensure that you can keep firing on all cylinders at work.

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