10 Essentials For A Safe And Enjoyable Trekking Trip

10 Essentials For A Safe And Enjoyable Trekking Trip


Going for a trek requires much more planning than you’d expect. With a proper itinerary, you have to do some more planning for your safety and comfort. If the travel bug bites you this season and you plan to go on a trek, here are all the trekking essentials you’ll need for your next adventure.

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Trekking is one of the most common adventure trips and getaways. The best view comes after the most challenging climb, and that’s what makes trekking getaways so exciting. There’s a different thrill in exploring the places far from the city, left unexplored by most people.

Going for a trek requires much more planning than you’d expect. With a proper itinerary, you have to do some more planning for your safety and comfort. If the travel bug bites you this season and you plan to go on a trek, here are all the trekking essentials you’ll need for your next adventure.

1. Plenty Of Water & Food

Travelling light is the priority for many trekkers, but ditching your water bottle or food is never a good option. Trekking requires a lot of strength, and that causes your body to dehydrate, especially when the weather is hot. You might find many water sources during the trek, but there’s no guarantee that the water from those sources will be safe to drink.

There can also be emergencies where your body might give up, and you may need water and food to continue your trek further. Therefore, you must carry food and water every time you leave for a hike.

2. Buy Proper Hiking Boots And Socks

Having properly fitting equipment that makes your legs feel comfortable is essential, and hence you should try to buy hiking boots and socks from a reputable brand. It is recommended that you avoid cotton socks because they tend to retain moisture from the sweaty feet, causing the skin to blister more easily. You can switch to compression socks because these socks have graduated compression that is ideally suited for long hikes.

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In addition to this, wearing compression socks results in optimum blood flow to the leg region, allowing you to perform at your best when hiking. You will recover faster and feel more at ease when you are wearing compression socks.

3. Maps And Compass

While the GPS in our smartphones works great, the network availability in remote trekking areas can be a concern for many people. Therefore, when you want to follow the right path to continue your journey taking a Map and GPS becomes essential since it allows you to navigate to the right track.

4. Medicine & First-Aid Kit

A small medical kit might work as a saviour when you face minor health issues at high altitudes. You can take some essential medicines to help yourself with headaches and cold. You can also put cream and a bandage in your bag that you can use for burns, cuts or any bruises.

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5. Extra Clothes

Unexpected weather changes can happen anytime when you go for a trek in high altitudes. Therefore, it would help if you stuffed your bags with extra undergarments, socks, jackets, and t-shirts so you can change into fresh clothes anytime without any issues.

6. Flashlight For Trekking And Night And Camping

Having a flashlight during your trek becomes necessary, especially when you want to continue your hike at night. Many modern smartphones already have a flashlight, but your battery could give up in such areas, and finding a power source would be tough. Hence it would be best to always buy a flashlight before you leave for a trek since it works as a blessing to find the way to your campsite.

7. Trek Map

Trek Map can work as an excellent alternative to a GPS device. You can carry a hard copy of the map to travel on your desired route without getting lost.

8. Sleeping Bags

Your body needs a good comfortable sleep after a long day of the trek, and a sleeping bag can help you achieve that. You can unzip your sleeping bag during cold weather and sleep on top of it when it is hot.

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9. Cap or Hat

Whenever you are going for a trek, you should always protect yourself from direct heat or sunlight coming on your skin. Sometimes this can get terrible and hence carrying a cap or a hat with you is recommended.

10. Hand Sanitiser

While you are trekking, you may come in contact with multiple germs throughout your journey. When you want to decrease the risk of getting sick, it is recommended that you carry a bottle of hand sanitiser with you and keep using it every hour to keep the germs away.


Trekking can be a fun activity, especially when you need a quick break from your daily hustle. In order to make your trip worthwhile, it is recommended that you carry all the essentials mentioned above so you can have a happy and fun trek.

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